The question has been popped, an answer has been given, the date has been set, and now you need a venue.

There are so many considerations to take in when you are choosing your perfect wedding venue that it’s hard to know where to start. I was lucky enough to have a very specific idea of what I wanted in my wedding venue. I knew I wanted to get married under a tree, not a woodsy one, but a grand leafy one. All I had to do was look for that tree and VOILA!

If you aren’t as rooted (see what I did there?) in your views on what you want in a venue, here are some helpful places to start so that you can narrow your sights on the right place for you special day.

First things first…

There are a few considerations that will whittle your list down immediately. Those considerations include:

  1. Budget – This is the #1 consideration. If you can’t afford a venue, scratch it off the list. There is no better way to get off track on your wedding budget than to begin by overspending on a venue.
  2. Guests – The estimated number of guests is important, but you will also want to consider things like if children or elderly guests will be present and plan accordingly.
  3. Season – If you are getting married in the winter, you will most likely want to pick a venue that is indoors.
  4. Ceremony Type – If you prefer a religious ceremony your venue choices may be limited to a place of worship.

Once you have exhausted all the general logistics of picking a wedding venue and you are still stuck, here are some other things that may help guide your decision.

Your Style

An easy place to start is your style as couple. Are you and your fiancé relaxed and non-conventional? Formal and traditional? Artsy and imaginative? Don’t fight the nature of who you are. Embrace it!

Special Places

You can also try think of the special places your relationship has taken you to. It is awfully sweet and sentimental to get married in a place that you visited on your journey to the altar.

Where did you take you first vacation together? Where was your first kiss? Where did you meet? Maybe you are both from the same hometown?

A lot of brides and grooms find that selecting a place special to them makes the big day even more intimate and exciting.

Venue “Must Haves”

Like me, you may have something that you cannot live without in a venue. Take a moment to sit down and think about what is on your “must have” list for your venue.

Do you need a barn? Maybe you dream of a glinting chandelier? A view of the water?

Hobbies You Enjoy

Maybe your journey as a couple included a mutual love of an activity. For example, if you both love sailing, why not consider a ceremony at sea or at sailing center. Tennis players? It may be worth considering a country club or tennis center.

Hands On?

If you are okay with doing some DIY projects to make your wedding venue what you envisioned then you may opt for a space that is more of a blank slate. If you want to minimize the amount of projects you partake in on your way to the altar, you will want to see if you can find a venue that already has furniture and décor for you to use.

Your wedding venue can set the tone for your big day. Take your time, tour as many venues as you can, and try not to comprise on the things that are important to you as individuals and as a couple.